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There is a slim chance that you will get to meet stray animals when you travel to another country. Though harmless, some of these stray animals, for example dogs, get to follow you wherever you go.

This is what Lucy Clydesdale experienced when she went to Turkey for a vacation. Clydesdale, a beautician by profession, said that there was a dog who kept following her and her friends.

Although the dog seemed to not pose harm to them, it was a weird feeling for Clydesdale. They met the dog on a beach when Clydesdale and her friends decided to take some stroll. According to Clydesdale, there are many stray dogs on the beach, but one dog stood out from the rest because the dog would not stop following them.

Even when they already reached their hotel room, the dog was still following them. Admittedly, Clydesdale was not scared. Instead, she felt an immediate connection with the dog. She described the feeling like love at first sight. Since the dog keeps on following them, this could just be it for Clydesdale.

Clydesdale named the dog Jessie since she does not know the dog’s real name. Unlike other stray dogs, Jessie looks like a decent one because he is clean. The beautician likewise shared that during the entire trip, Jessie would join them wherever they go.

The staff from the hotel noticed the connection between Clydesdale and the dog. They then suggested that the woman should adopt the pooch. Since Clydesdale is not sure whether Jessie is indeed a stray, she first waited for confirmation from the administrator of the beach.

When she received the signal that nobody owns the dog, Clydesdale became happy. In a short span, Clydesdale admitted that she was attached to the dog because of Jessie’s loyalty. She decided to adopt the pooch and give him the home he deserves.

Credits to Lucy Clydesdale.


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