No matter how developed a country is, there will always be people who will be down on their luck and become homeless. And, we often find homeless people with loyal pet dogs accompanying them. For these people, these dogs are their lifeline and consider them not just as family, but their most valuable possession. In fact, some of them will often sacrifice food for themselves just to have enough to feed their puppy companions.

In the UK, particularly in Glasgow, veterinary student Ruby Shorrock started something that helps the homeless as well as the entire community by providing free veterinary services for the dogs of the homeless. She realized that there were no hostels in the city that allowed dogs and that the homeless don’t have access to veterinary care for their dogs.

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Ruby, who was then a vet student started a project called Trusty Paws Clinic where she and her fellow students went around Glasgow during their free time to provide free veterinary services for the dogs of homeless people. When she started the project, it was small, but it soon grew enough that they were able to open another branch in Liverpool. And, the great thing about this organization is that it’s funded mostly by donations from charity organizations.

Not only that the clinics provide an excellent service for helping out the homeless with their furry friends, but it also serves as a way for veterinary students to learn the skills necessary for them to treat animals under supervision. It also creates community awareness and helps keep the dog out in the streets healthy. They offer vaccinations, flea and worming treatments, dog supplies, such as food, blankets, and toys, referrals for advanced care, and even microchipping. All these are provided for free.

Here’s a video of how this amazing charitable organization in the UK works. With more people following their example, dogs owned by homeless people will finally be given the care they deserve.

Video Source UNILAD via YouTube


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