Most dogs that are born with missing limbs usually end up in animal shelters. They don’t get adopted easily because of their condition. Sadly, most end up getting euthanized. It’s sad to think that these dogs who have so much love to give aren’t adopted just because of how they look.

A puppy named Noelle was born with only two legs. She didn’t have two of her front legs, and her mom also stopped nursing her at a very early age. Unless someone adopts Noelle, she wouldn’t be able to survive for very long. Thankfully, a family heard about Noelle and decided to take on the responsibility to raise her.

Noelle’s new mom, Cheri, didn’t know that Noelle was only two weeks old when she adopted her. She was so tiny that she could easily fit in Cheri’s palm. Cheri picked Noelle up from the shelter just before Christmas Eve, which was why she was named Noelle. Because of Noelle’s disability, Cheri knew that Noelle would have to be on wheels sooner or later.

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Noelle didn’t know how to move around. She was only able to move a little bit by pushing her body with her two back legs. However, as soon as they were able to, Cheri had a modified dog wheelchair fitted onto Noelle. She was advised that dogs like Noelle should be on wheels as quickly as possible. This is so Noelle can get used to the device and learn how to use it.

When the mobility device was attached to Noelle for the first time, she didn’t know what to do with it. She just sat on the grass and didn’t move. However, Noelle eventually started moving slowly and soon learned how to use her wheels. It didn’t take long for Noelle to get the hang of moving with the wheels. As soon as Noelle got used to having wheels attached to her body, she started running. She thrived having the mobility device, and it transformed Noelle into a very happy dog.

Noelle is a very lucky dog. Thanks to amazing people that adopted her, Noelle finally has a place to call her home and learned to move around and have fun. Here’s a heartwarming video of Noelle’s Christmas miracle.

Video Source The Dodo via YouTube


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