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In every dog’s name, there is a corresponding history or story about it. Dogs could be named after their fur parents’ favorite movie characters, sports personalities, or even actors and actresses.

This dog, however, was named after the coach of the Georgia Bulldogs Football Team. He is Kirby, who was named after Kirby Smart. Smart has been the coach of the football team since 1995.

The fur baby who happens to be an English Bulldog, on the other hand, is currently six-month-old. On one rare occasion, the two met in one of the team’s football games just recently. But instead of doing a fanboy moment with the coach, the dog had a special moment with the team’s mascot, Hary Dawg.

The game was eventually won by the Bulldogs, besting their opponent Notre Dame’s Fighting Irish, 23-17. As the broadcast was aired on ESPN’s College GameDay, the special moment between the dog and the mascot was also caught on video.

Georgia’s winning moment was not the sole highlight of the broadcast. The moment between the two, where Kirby cuddled the mascot, was also caught on video. When it was uploaded online, the video touched the many hearts of the netizens because of its heartwarming nature.

In the video clip, Kirby kept playing with Hary Dawg while the mascot had his rest. One of the photographers of the game, Blane Marable, took a short clip of the moment and uploaded it on his Facebook account.

The dog and the mascot seemed to enjoy each other’s company. It was Kirby, though, who looked like he enjoyed the moment because of how he reacted.

As of posting, the video has already been viewed over 7.7 million times. Thousands of other users shared it on several social media platforms. Roelkey, Kirby’s owner, said that his dog enjoyed the moment with the mascot.

Hairy Dawg found a friend! Follow Blane Marable Photography for more Game Day photos.

Posted by Blane Marable Photography on Saturday, September 21, 2019

Credits to Blane Marable Photography.


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