Life was running smoothly for Rodney Kaufman, but when he reached his mid-20s, life took an unexpected turn for him. Rodney started experiencing headaches, heart palpitations, insomnia, and chest pain. Later on, he realized that these were symptoms of anxiety.

But as time went on, his anxiety transformed from minor symptoms to full bursts of panic attacks. The doctors had diagnosed that he was going through an anxiety disorder. Rodney took pills and medication, and although it helped, the effects didn’t last long.

Rodney stumbled upon a report that features therapy dogs. Impressed with what he read, he decided to try it out for himself and adopted Harlow, a Great Dane puppy. And with the aid of a skilled trainer, he trained Harlow to be a therapy dog.

After experiencing how Harlow improved his life first hand, Rodney began training dogs himself and started Corporate Canine Therapy, a dog therapy company. Their team concentrates on stress reduction from workplaces, and they offer their therapeutic services to individual people and facilities.

After four years of volunteering, Rodney received a Volunteer Service Excellence Award for Therapy Dogs in 2018. As he continued to help people through his dogs, he was convinced that these beloved pets can lower stress levels. Corporate Canine Therapy aims to aid both private and corporate areas and help reduce stress levels, increase productivity, imply better teamwork, and make the overall atmosphere more enjoyable.

Dog Therapy was also proven effective for children with ADHD. Both Rodney’s kids were diagnosed with ADHD, and he saw how the dogs have helped with decreasing the symptoms of his children. The University of California Irvine has also backed up on this statement with the findings of their research.

With Rodney’s experience and with scientific research backing up on the effectiveness of therapy dogs, we should make this amazing discovery known to everyone. And this is especially beneficial for those who are having mental and emotional problems. What better solution is there than having a dog best friend by your side?

Credits to Corporate Canine Therapy


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