We only need one person to notice to change a life. Marilla has been living in a shelter for four years. This means she has been there for half her life.

She has so much spirit in her and so much joy, but somehow people were not noticing that. Despite being held in a kennel for years, she has never dimmed her light as she was always a joy to be with.

People have overlooked for so long that it was sad to see. This dog only needed a chance to show someone who she is and what she can do. That day has finally come.

After four years behind bars, not knowing anything else, she was released to her foster family. This was the break that she needed. She was so ecstatic to be out in the world that her spirit was at its highest peak.

It was such a joyful moment to watch the happiness in her eyes when she could other places again, especially the park. She bolted out of the car to jump into the grassy areas and feel the freedom that was denied from her for so long. She was spending every hour of her freedom wisely.

Tammy saw Marilla’s story on The Dodo, then on Facebook, then on Instagram. She knew it was not only a sign, but it was also a very obvious one. She was going to keep Marilla for herself.

She contacted Marilla’s foster parents, and arrangements were done. This happened only a few weeks after Marilla was out of the shelter. Imagine if she was still behind those bars.

Will she still get a chance to meet her forever mother like Tammy? Or will she be living the other half of her life there? Everyone is just grateful that this dog was given a chance at having a family and a life outside the shelter.

Source The Dodo via YouTube


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