When generous people surround you, you will never go hungry. Dongchul has been going around restaurants asking for food and their owners happily give him some. They never grow tired of feeding him.

Dongchul lives in a factory but sometimes refuses the food that they feed him. When he does refuse, he goes out into the town to go around multiple restaurants. He never goes in them, but the owners would always go out and provide him food.

He does this to more than five restaurants. He would really have his fill! But there is a touching back story to this. Dongchul was found by Chief when he was homeless.

Chief fell in love with Dongchul and decided to keep him where he even built him a house inside the factory. They would go anywhere together. Chief would bring him to his favorite restaurants where Dongchul will wait outside until Chief finishes eating.

Unfortunately, Chief got ill and passed away. Now, Dongchul goes to the same restaurants that Chief brought him to, but this time, he goes there alone. Some are even speculating that he goes to these places in hopes of finding Chief.

Since he has been following him every day, he knows Chief’s favorite places to go. Now that Chief is gone, he still goes there alone. The people from the factory felt sad for Dongchul and decided to keep him as an official family member.

Chief may be gone, but Dongchul now has a family that promised to look after him and take care of him. This time, it’s better too as he has more than one person to look out for him. Dongchul has gotten his happy ending after all.

He can still beg for food when he wants to, but now he knows some people are waiting for him to come home.


Source Kritter Klub via YouTube


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