Children have the kindest of hearts and purest of intentions. Roman McConn is a regular kid who loves to play and loves his dogs. Yet, he serves a deeper purpose in other dog’s lives.

Instead of asking his parents for a toy, he asked for donations from people for his fourth birthday. This donation was for a rescue that he saw outside of Petsmart. At a young age, he understands the need for providing dogs a home.

He believes that every dog needs a home and a family of his own. At four years old, he was already checking on how to help. So he started going to shelters with his mom and making videos with the dogs in the hopes of getting them adopted.

It is not easy all the time as some would never get their happily ever after. But for every dog that does, Roman pushes on to help more. With each video, he makes every dog special as he finds their best qualities and shows people that they are safe with children around.

The mother and son tandem is working with Project Freedom Ride where they take dogs from high-kill areas in Texas and transport them to Washinton. The animals then are either taken to the rescue or are directly delivered to their new homes. In 2017, they rescued eight hundred two dogs.

Upon filming of the video, they were going on a rescue for one hundred eleven dogs. Their biggest so far. For a four-year-old who has rescued more than eight hundred dogs, this kid has done a lot for the canine community.

Roman has no plans of slowing down as the excitement on the new parent’s faces and knowing that these dogs are getting a home is worth it all.

Source The Dodo via YouTube


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