There is no doubt that dogs are caring and protective by nature. They are known to go above and beyond to help those that they are close to. However, there is a pooch from Batumi, Georgia, who braved oncoming traffic in a busy street to keep kids he barely knows from any harm as they cross.

Taking action

There is this video that has gone viral recently about a stray dog who jumped up to help a group of kindergarteners along with a chaperone cross a busy Georgian street. The clip shows the pooch, which they named Kursha, be on alert for incoming vehicles even before the young ones even started walking to the crosswalk.

As the children got on their way, Kursha walked alongside them, alert for any cars that may come speeding through. True enough, a white van suddenly came rolling up and did not stop to let them finish crossing the street. The brave doggie promptly ran towards the vehicle and started barking in earnest to make sure that the driver knew to be careful.

Making an impression

This incredible act of kindness that Kursha displayed in helping the children was so adorable that Beqa Tsinadza, a pedestrian, couldn’t help but share what she saw. She posted the video that captured the moment online and has already become viral. Apparently, Beqa wasn’t the only one who was impressed by this!

Dogs are our protectors and would do anything in their power to keep us safe – especially young ones. This stray dog wanted to make sure that the kindergarteners were safe that he risked his own life for them. Aside from the inspiration that this pooch has brought with his video, there are a lot that also hopes his internet fame would bring him a forever home as well.

Check out the doggo’s video here:

Source: Youtube | ZOFA


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