The last pooch who went to a forever home following an adoption event got the best send-off ever. The canine certainly deserved it after being dropped off at the shelter just after Christmas!

The Hawaiian Humane Society decided to hold a campaign called “Clear the Shelter.” The event aimed to find new homes for all their adoptable animals before the year ended.

Suzy Tam, the Humane Society’s communications coordinator, explained that they wanted to boost adoption rates through this initiative. In so doing, the rescue will be able to free up room for more animals.

The shelter has an open admissions policy, so they accept all animals that arrive at the facility. Hence, they receive dozens of pets every single day, which means they’re in constant need of more space.

Moreover, the Hawaiian Humane Society took in more than 270 dogs from an inhumane shelter in the town of Mākaha. Therefore, they needed to focus on caring for and rehabilitating these abused pooches.

The campaign was a win-win for everyone. More adoptions meant that the shelter had more resources for dogs in desperate need of help, while adopters get to go home with lovable pets. To make the deal even sweeter, the Humane Society waived adoption fees for the event.

Pet parents responded to the call and made the campaign a success. What’s more, it marked a milestone for the Hawaiian Humane Society. For the first time, 100% of their available pets were adopted out.

To celebrate, the shelter staff and volunteers formed a human tunnel to bid their last resident for the year a heartwarming farewell. Beauty, who was around five years old at the time, walked out of the shelter in her fur mom’s arms to cheers and applause.

Jan Youth, Beauty’s new mom, fell in love with the pooch as soon as she saw her photo on the Hawaiian Humane Society website. As luck would have it, Beauty was the last dog in the shelter when Jan came to visit her.

The fur mom couldn’t help but break into a radiant smile herself as she walked down the human tunnel that the staff and volunteers had formed. Beauty was a mini-celebrity that day, getting lots of scratches and kisses from everyone! Watch Jan and Beauty here:

Beauty, the final animal waiting to be adopted, received a round of applause from our staff as she exited campus with her new family. Mahalo to everyone who helped get the word out and chose to adopt. Our shelter is cleared for the day, but we will have more animals available for adoption tomorrow!

Posted by Hawaiian Humane Society on Thursday, December 29, 2016

Source: Hawaiian Humane Society on Facebook


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