There is nothing that can make sleeping more comfortable like snuggling up next to your pooch in bed. They are a calming and warm presence next to you that can help you sleep sounder, knowing that they are there to protect you and keep you company as you snooze. A couple from Alabama love sleeping with their seven doggies so much that they even had a custom bed made to fit all of them!

Sharing the bed

Steve and Jennifer Taylor are a couple who love to share their bed with their dogs. The only problem was that they could barely get comfortably huddled together with their seven dogs in just a regular-sized bed! Two humans plus their Dachshunds Julia, Juno, Robin, Sophie, and Leyden, as well as their French Bulldogs Hemingway and Brooklyn, are definitely too many for your average bed – even if it is king-sized.

The solution they came up with was instead of keeping the doggo’s off the bed, they would build one big enough to fit them all. They decided to make a 13-foot bed that fit two king-size mattresses that fit a bedframe custom-made for the couple and the doggies.

Making the bed

The couple built the bed on their own using two doors to make their headboard. They built the frame themselves and painted it white with cute little black dog paws for decoration. Since all their pooches have short legs, they put up a step ladder so the pups will be able to get up or down the bed easier.

Steve and Jennifer love dogs so much that they even describe their house to be a shrine for them! Even the design of their bedroom down to the beddings are dog-themed. Aside from caring for their seven dogs, the couple also foster rescue pooches that they also invite to join them when they sleep.

Check out the huge doggie-themed bed here:

Source: Youtube | Caters Clips


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