Halloween is almost upon us. Within less than a month, there will be giant carved pumpkins littered in our front yards. Kids will once again have the time of their lives trick or treating.

But this fun season is not just for humans to enjoy. It’s also for doggos. Take for example the ones on our featured video.

We have some of the cutest neighborhood doggos in their best Halloween costumes. Each of them has a colorful bucket in tow. These buckets collect treats from generous neighbors.

Yes, these dogs are exempt from tricks. But not because they can’t handle them. It’s just that giving them treats is more satisfying.

But not all of them are satisfied. One of the dogs seems a bit insatiable. Watch out for Jasmine a minute into the video to know what we are talking about.

Jasmine put on her best Halloween costume. It’s understandable that she expects the best kinds of treats in return. And she did get the best treats.

In fact, they were too good she returns to the same house to ask for more. But she was easily recognized by the house’s owner. Jasmine was refused a second serving.

So Jasmine took matters into her own paws. She did the smartest thing a clever canine would do. She put on a different costume.

Off she went to the house with the best treats. Her goal is to satisfy her cravings. She succeeds.

But Jasmine is difficult to please. So she changes costume again and again. She visits the same house with the most delicious treats over and over.

Either the owner of the house was fooled by Jasmine’s cleverness or generously decided to let the dog have her way. Either way, Jasmine got her fill. She then moves on to the next house.

Thanks to MyFavoritePupJasmine


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