Despite being mistreated, dogs are capable of giving unconditional love. While it may take time for them to heal and trust people again, they eventually show us why they are considered man’s best friend. And we, as humans, should know better than to treat them indifferently.

In this story, a tiny dog was abandoned by his owner. He was thrown away like he was some garbage.

Despite suffering from fleas and inflamed legs, the tiny dog, who was later named Leonard, didn’t want to give up on life.

When rescuers found Leonard, he was in an unimaginable state. His eyes could barely open, and he was severely covered with fleas. You can see hundreds of fleas crawling on his head as he slowly limped towards his rescuers.

He was limping due to inflamed legs. His front legs seemed crooked as he limped toward the rescuers and hesitantly backed away, noticeably nervous.

The scene was heartbreaking for the rescuers.

The rescuers took Leonard, and when they reached the shelter, he was given a well-deserved bath. He was clearly weak from starvation and from the constant biting of fleas.

Aside from the fleas and inflamed legs, it turns out that Leonard was also starting to suffer from mange, a skin condition that causes animals to lose hair in a specific area as the skin hardens.

The rescuers wasted no time to treat Leonard and provide him with the tender loving care that he deserves.

As the days went by, Leonard slowly recovered. His fur started growing back, and his legs were no longer as swollen as when they first saw him.

Leonard has now become a playful and energetic puppy. He loves running and jumping around as his rescuers play with him.

Eventually, a kind-hearted woman decided to adopt Leonard and give him a forever home where he will forever feel loved and wanted.

Source STRAY PAWS via Youtube


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