Kids can be cruel at times, especially when they don’t know what they are doing. One abandoned dog got the brunt of their cruelty when it became a target for neighborhood children. The kids would throw rocks at the Pit Bull, who, fortunately, did not attack back. When homeowners saw the injured dog, they made a call to Hope For Paws to rescue the dog.

When volunteers for the rescue organization heard about the dog’s sad fate, they drove immediately to the area. Before even getting the chance to park, they see the full-grown Pit Bull in a fenced-in lot, sitting beside a trash bin.

All it takes is a little kindness, lots of patience, and some cheeseburger

When rescuers entered the lot, the dog, who was eating a piece of cheeseburger they threw over the fence, retreated to the row of bins. Visibly scared and shaken, the dog would try to hide behind one container. Their next move is to gain the pup’s trust. So they gave it more morsels of food as they inch closer.

As they don’t know the dog’s character and what it has gone through, it’s safe not to approach it quickly. Once they were able to get near the dog without it showing any aggression, they offer it more food, a half of a cheeseburger to be exact. The rescuer wanted the dog to take the food from his hand to see if it trusts him enough. The dog did, he took the cheeseburger in one bite.

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Soon the dog allowed itself to be placed on a leash. They would continue to tug on the leash while giving the pooch treats slowly. They wanted the dog to come with them when it decides to do so by itself. It took them an hour and lots of patience, but eventually, the sad and scared Pit Bull went with them to their car. They took the dog to their shelter, where he would be cleaned, cared for, and placed in a new home. And notably, despite the injuries and the emotional trauma the dog underwent, he was as gentle as he could be. He even allowed a cat to welcome him to the shelter.

Source: Hope for Paws via Youtube


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