It was a typical day for Boonrod as he worked offshore on an oil platform. As his eyes wandered the vicinity, he comes across the saddest pair of eyes he has ever seen.

The place was about 135 miles from the shore, leaving Boonrod quite surprised when he saw the dog at the foot of the platform. He acted fast and called some of his workmates to come and help him rescue the poor animal.

When the dog was brought up, he looked exhausted. Different speculations rose as to how the dog was able to get to the platform. They were unsure if he slipped off from a fishing boat because there was none in sight.

After a while, the dog started to try walking and looked a little more comfortable. The people on board were so gentle with the animal.

Plan for recovery

On the first night, he still looked exhausted. After two days of being on board, they decided to send him on land via boat. An organization was there to greet him and bring him to a nearby vet to overlook his recovery,

Since Boonrod was still on duty offshore, he had to work for at least ten more days. Even so, he did not stop thinking of the dog.

When he finally got time off work, Boonrod went back to shore to pick the dog up. He knew that he wanted to adopt the animal. He told the organization that if they would be unable to identify the owner, he would happily take the dog home.

New life

Boonrod was ecstatic to bring his beloved dog home. His family loved the creature dearly and welcomed him with open arms.

They noticed the dog was well-trained. When Boonrod would offer him food, the animal would sit still and put his paw over his hand. He could easily control the dog by saying commands.

The dog looks so much healthier and happier in his new home. Boonrod treats him like his son.

Watch the heartwarming video below:

Video Source: The Dodo via Youtube


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