A week ago, a three-year-old boy from Florida went missing. The boy is on the autism spectrum. The sooner he was found the better.

Unfortunately, Florida search and rescue deputies had a hard time finding the boy. They spent hours searching only to yield zero results. As it is with these kinds of rescue operations, the whole situation eventually became tensed.

The show The Simpsons has popularized the phrase “release the hounds.” Within the context of the show, there are no actual hounds. There are no actual rescue operations either.

But we get what the phrase means. It means that when a situation becomes too dire, it’s time to summon the hounds’ aid. And that’s exactly what Florida rescue officials did.

They released the hounds. And voila, less than half an hour later, the boy was found. Now, who wants to challenge the credibility of The Simpsons?

With their powerful sense of smell, the bloodhounds led the rescue officials into a muddy and wooded area. The rescue team went 200 yards into the jungle-like location. They found the missing boy crouching under a heavy brush.

The boy was immediately rushed to a team of EMS personnel. They provided the boy with first aid. The boy has since recovered from the traumatic incident.

Meanwhile, the bloodhounds involved in the search are now online celebrities in their own right. As it turned out, it was not the first time that these dogs had showcased their impressive talent in sniffing out people that needed to be found. In their career with the sheriff’s office, these dogs have successfully found nine individuals.

Bloodhounds were originally raised as hunting dogs. Their gifted noses were quite handy in locating wild boar and deer. Now they help men in uniform carry out official duties such as search and rescue operations.

Thanks to Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office


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