It is a rare opportunity when two lives intertwine to save each other. A pitbull named Cayenne was in line for death row when he was saved and has gotten a second chance. He was given a second chance in prison.

That’s where she met Sammy, a prisoner. When they met, they did not realize that both lives were going to change. Warden Bryant’s thoughts on the program are all positive.

She believes that since there are not a lot of touching in jail, this type of program allows prisoners to hold the dogs. They are able to sit on the floor, hug and cuddle the dogs. They also experience playing with the dogs, and those are all good experiences.

The prisoners are able to express their emotions with the dogs; feelings that they are otherwise unable to convey. The dogs, on the other hand, would also get what they need emotionally as they get belly rubs and get to play with humans.

Cayenne was lucky to be paired with Sammy as he did not get only a second chance, he was adopted shortly after Sammy trained him. His life is forever changed because of the program. As for Sammy, his life will never be the same.

Through the program, he learned how to be a man and how to take responsibility. Cayenne taught him not to only think of himself when you have someone else in your life to think of. Shortly after the program, Sammy heard that he was going to get released.

It was the best news he has ever heard. When he goes out of prison, he knows that he is a changed man and he will make his life better. Sammy will take responsibility for his actions and will take care of the people around him.

Source The Dodo via YouTube


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