Bailer was the beloved dog of the Carter family. But her sudden demise late last year left her family in deep grief. Every one of them thought that it’d be impossible for them to have another dog. But that was until Tricia Carter received a message that has pictures of an adorable Pit Bull mix that looked exactly like Bailey.

Tricia was instantly smitten with the dog. She thought it must be time for them to adopt another dog. So, she dropped by the shelter the following morning.

Staffers believed that the pup was used to breed puppies over and over again. And once she could no longer produce puppies, her breeder-owner just cast her aside.

The poor pup, called Lola, looked completely defeated when she was brought out to meet Tricia. But despite the dog’s appearance, Tricia was convinced that Lola is a sweet pup. And that she’s only waiting for the perfect family to come.

Knowing that Lola has been to several shelters already, Tricia decided to give the deserving pup a chance. But the ultimate deciding factor is whether or not Lola will get along with Tricia’s teenage son.

Tricia left and came back with her young son. And once they met, Lola’s behavior completely changed. She was so excited as if she’s reuniting with a long lost friend.

The pair instantly connected. Their love for one another was instant. So, Tricia immediately took care of Lola’s adoption. And they went home that same with Lola as the new member of the Carter family.

Filled with happiness, Lola was smiling the entire time they were on the road. And when they arrived home, she made herself comfortable. She even spent the entire night cuddling with his new human brother.

Tricia’s son remains to be Lola’s favorite person. And while the pup also adores playing with her 2 sibling dogs, too, there nothing more special than to spend time with her human brother.

Credits to Tricia Carter via The Dodo


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