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There is no excuse for the existence of stray dogs. These unfortunate canines are a testament to poor breeding practices and inhumane animal treatment. Still, the fact of these dogs’ existence cannot be denied.

This is exactly the thesis behind a recent project of a professional photographer named Zoltan Attila Kecskes. That is to acknowledge the existence of stray dogs by way of beautiful photos, without reducing the severity of the issue. It is fair to say that he triumphed on his goal.

Here is one of the many beautiful images Zoltan was able to capture.

Guarding The Pier

Zoltan is a travel and portrait photographer. For his travel photography, he usually just brings a camera with an 18-35 mm lens. That is to ensure that he gets to travel light.

For the aforementioned project, Zoltan visited Cape Verde with Agnes, his fiancee. Upon landing on the beautiful seaside location, the pair was immediately overwhelmed by the number of stray pups in the area. In order to successfully accomplish their goal, the duo tried to see the inspiring behind the dire, the dogs’ resilience amid their unfortunate situation.

Despite having been left on the streets to fend for themselves, Cape Verde’s stray dogs were friendly and calm, noticed Zoltan and Agnes. They were ready to welcome humans who paid them attention. This made Zoltan’s job easy.

Unbeknownst to Zoltan and Agnes, they were about to be charmed by one of Cape Verde’s strays. They met a dog which they had since named Beau on their first day in Cape Verde. The dog never left their side and accompanied them in all of their itineraries.

Zoltan and Agnes fell in love with the dog and decided to rescue him. They had the dog treated and micro-chipped in a nearby vet clinic. Beau is now in a shelter waiting for authorities’ go-signal that he can finally join Zoltan and Agnes back in the United Kingdom.

Photo courtesy of Zoltan Attila Kecskes


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