A friendship so strong and can withstand the test of time is hard to find. But when you do, it could last a lifetime. And Billie, a golden retriever, certainly knows this.

Emily Buchenberger took Billie in an indoor puppy playground for the first time. Only dogs 8 to 18 weeks old are allowed to play without a leash inside this facility, and Billie is only four months old. There are a lot of puppies Billie can have fun with. There also other dog breeds he can definitely make friends with. But somehow, retrievers have an instant connection and chose to hang out only with other retrievers.

Emily said that the retrievers in the facility seemed to have created their own groups and were really attached to each other. Instead of playing around, they just stayed under toys away from others. They would just lay there and relax. Unlike other dogs in the facility, the retrievers didn’t play with other breeds of dogs. Instead, they played only with their own kind away from anyone and under secrecy.

When someone in the facility discovered what these retrievers were doing, they were all in for a surprise. A dog owner lifted the plastic box to check on the puppies under it. Everyone in the facility was stunned when they found the retrievers looking like they were calmly holding each other’s hands. The retrievers were also taken aback on their sudden exposure and immediately run away. But after a little while, they started to form the same groups they had before they were disturbed.

Emily did not expect Billie to find such a strong bond with any dog in the playground that fast. She admitted that when Billie is at home, he would also display the same behavior when he’s in the playground. He would hide under large objects and furniture.

Billie would only do this when he has something really important with him. The retriever owners concluded that their behavior in the playground only shows that they cherish their bond. Indeed, these retrievers will remain friends forever.

Video source: GoldenGirl_Billie via YouTube


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