We often hear a lot of sad news regarding dogs being left inside a parked car under the sun. In most cases, it’s a tragic story with a horrible ending for both the dogs as well as the owners. Dog owners should be aware that leaving their dogs in the car no matter how short it is can be dangerous for their pets and is an inhumane act that can get them in trouble.

An NFL player, Tyrann Mathieu, who is also an animal rights advocate, demonstrates in a video on why dog owners should never leave their dogs inside a car. To do this, Tyrann took the place of a dog and placed himself inside a car parked under direct sunlight to simulate people leaving their dogs trapped inside a vehicle in an open parking space. It was 90 degrees Fahrenheit or 32 degrees Celsius when Mathieu went inside the car.

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After a few seconds inside the car, the Arizona Cardinals defensive back stated that he couldn’t imagine leaving his dog inside the vehicle. While fanning himself with his hand, Mathieu noted that what he feels is exactly what a dog would feel inside a parked car, and you can clearly see how uncomfortable he was.

When the clock went past the eight-minute mark, Mathieu gave up and stumbled out of the car with his shirt drenched in sweat. Mathieu, who is a seasoned football player and regularly trains outside in the sun can’t last more than eight minutes inside the car. Now, think about how it could be like for your pet dog who couldn’t open the car door. The video made by Mathieu together with PETA acts as a reminder that dog owners should never leave their pets inside the car while they go out for groceries.

It’s reckless, inhumane, and dangerous. Here’s the video that PETA in collaboration with Mathieu made to demonstrate what’s it like to be a dog trapped inside a hot car.

Video Source PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) via YouTube


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