Everyone, including dogs need a helping hand once in a while. Sometimes, one can’t do it alone. The team from Animal Aid Unlimited in India got a call that there was a puppy who was severely hurt, so the group rushed to check out the situation.

The puppy was lying on the street unable to walk or stand. Its mother is right beside the little one trying to help but is unable to. When the team approached, the mother seems to trust them to help out. It was a heartbreaking scene when the baby cried, so did the mother.

A mother could really feel the pain that her son was in. Even the father was worried as he approached the team when his son was being carried over to the vehicle. The rescue team brought the wounded dog to their shelter so he can receive treatment.

There, they found out that the puppy has two deep wounds on his shoulders. The pain was too much that he is unable to walk. The team cleaned and treated the wound.

The puppy who was named Toggle also received much-needed rest, food and love from the people in the shelter. At first, he was still experiencing pain when he walks but he still tries. After a few days, he was able to walk again without feeling the pain.

Everyone in the shelter loves him, but they know that he needed to go home. Someone who loves him very much was waiting for his return. The rescue team returned him to his family where they were very happy to see him again.

This time, they can see that his wounds are slowly healing, he is healthy and happy too. They can now move forward thanks to the help that they received from people who cared enough to do so.

Source Animal Aid Unlimited, India via YouTube


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