It was an unusually warm day in New York, and everyone was out enjoying the sun and the weather, including Gabe Castellanos, who was out with his friends celebrating his birthday. It wasn’t long into the celebration when people around the New York East River started noticing something in the water, which also caught Gabe’s attention.

Upon closer look, Gabe spotted a dog. At first, Gabe thought that it was just a dog out for a swim on a warm day. However, he soon started to realize that the dog may be in trouble as it appeared to struggle swimming and started to slow down. It turned out that the dog, named Harper, was being walked by a pet sitter.

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The pet sitter was out walking harper when she got hit by a taxi. Although she sustained minor injuries, Harper, startled by the incident, then sped off and found herself swimming in the East River.

When Gabe learned about what happened, he immediately took his clothes off and donned a life jacket. Luckily, Gabe graduated from SUNY Maritime College and rescue swims are among one of the skills he developed while studying there.

The frightened dog saw Gabe swimming towards her, and because Harper was still shocked by what happened, she thought of Gabe as a threat and began swimming even more frantically away. However, Gabe eventually caught up with Harper and started to steer her towards the shore.

Unfortunately for Gabe, Harper was so frightened by what’s happening that she bit her rescuer on the hand and face. Gabe didn’t mind and continued guiding Harper towards the shore. She eventually reunited with her pet sitter, who was grateful for what Gabe did.

Gabe Castellanos is truly a hero in this story. Even Harper attacked Gabe, he was unfazed and continued with the rescue. He knew that the dog was frightened and understood why she acted the way she did. Gabe shrugged it off and even stated that he needed to have his teeth done anyway when Harper chipped his tooth. Here’s a video showing the heroic rescue that Gabe Castellanos did for Harper.

Video Source Inside Edition via YouTube


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