It’s really frustrating and worrying if our pet dogs managed to escape our house. I have experienced this kind of situation when my dog found a way to escape my backyard. On one occasion, my dog managed to dig a hole next to the fence to escape. My dog ended up going to my neighbor’s yard to play with their dog. Thankfully, my neighbor kept my dog safe in their yard and informed me about what happened.

However, what if you and your family were away on a road trip and your dog manages to escape? Imagine just getting a call from your friend or relative who volunteered to feed and walk the dog while you’re away to call and tell you that your dog’s missing and nowhere to be found. This is precisely what happened to the Vargas family in Las Vegas.

When the family went on a trip to California for a vacation, they asked a relative to pick up their dog, Butterscotch, and take care of him while they were away. However, to their surprise, the relative called them to tell them that Butterscotch was missing. They were also informed that there’s a hole under the fence.

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The Vargas family had to cut their holiday short and went home to look for their dog. The family were obviously worried about Butterscotch’s safety and printed out missing dog posters. They tirelessly searched for Butterscotch for twelve days with no luck. Thankfully, they had a break.

Anabel Vargas got a call informing her that a dog that matches Butterscotch’s description was seen wandering near the freeway. She knew how dangerous the situation is for the dog, and she immediately set out to look for him as early as 3 AM. After a few hours of searching for Butterscotch, Anabel found him lying in front of a doorstep of a house.

When she called his name, Butterscotch came running and jumped inside the car. Anabel took him home, and the reunion with the dog’s dad is something that will surely melt your heart.

Jesse Vargas, Butterscotch’s dad, came running as soon as the car pulled over in front of their house. He was overcome with emotion that he couldn’t wait to open the car’s door. He soon started hugging the dog and Butterscotch couldn’t be more excited being reunited with his family. Here’s a video of the emotional reunion between a lost dog and his family.

Source Video via YouTube through The Dodo Channel


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