No matter your disability, someone somewhere will love you just the way you are. Nubz lost his back paws even before he was rescued from a mill for puppies. He is unable to walk correctly without some boots on.

Nubz may have had a terrible past, but he is looking forward to his future. Jim saw Nubz pictures and videos on Facebook, and it kept him interested in Nubz. When he saw the footage of Nubz where he was in therapy, and he slid down a ramp, that’s when Jim knew that he was going to adopt Nubz.

Carla, Nubz foster mom, was preparing Nubz to meet his new dad. His dad traveled across the country to meet him. When they finally met for the first time, Jim was overwhelmed with joy to see his new son.

Carla also took the time to take to Jim about Nubz needs and about his boots and how it should be attached. It was bittersweet for Carla, but she knows that it’s how foster parenting work. She needs to let go when the dog she is fostering finds it’s forever home.

Nubz also meets his sister Bailey who was thrilled to have a new brother. After the introduction, it was time to travel across the country again to go home. They would drive eight to nine hours a day which gave Nubz and Bailey enough time to bond.

When finally arrived home, Nubz got to meet his brother Wilson, who he became really close with. Nubz was even brought to his father’s office where it was designed to have a dog’s area. Jim has really gone the extra mile to make Nubz comfortable and feel welcome.

Nubz found the perfect father and family. He is living the good life because of a father who made sure that he will.

Source The Dodo via YouTube


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