Dedicating your life to a particular skill or passion is what leads to genuine happiness. This is the story of how a simple man from Greece commits all his hours to saving stray lives.

Dumpster diving

Greece is known to have over a million stray dogs. Takis’ line of work has only saved over five hundred canines in need. He believes that there are so many more calling for his help.

Takis’ daily routine is visiting dumpsters and driving around deserted streets, his eyes always wandering the vicinity looking for small abandoned puppies.

Since the existence of spay and neuter programs in the area are almost non-existent, there continues to be the ever-growing number of accidental litters abandoned puppies.

As Takis patrols on the outskirts of his hometown, he uncovers more of his furry buddies. Glad to be found, they always gaze at him with joy excitement as Takis approaches them

The little ones may have been through a lot, but Takis always finds a way to change their lives for the better. He takes all his recruits to his sanctuary where they are comfortably warm, well-fed, and, most of all, get all the needed love and attention.

Takis’ little helper

Faith, one of Takis’ rescues, is always on standby to greet the new puppies. She often stands as a mother figure and loves to take the new ones under her wing. This wonder dog never gets tired of being a helping hand to Takis.

Once the puppies are strong and healthy, Takis helps them find the perfect forever home. He always finds a way to discover the right people for his beloved young ones.

Seeing them find their perfect homes is what makes it all worth it. Takis find fulfillment in rescuing and taking care of lost pups.

Watch the heart-warming video below:

Video Source: The Dodo via Youtube


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