One man in Crete, Greece, decided to take a chance on a dog that everybody gave up on. When Takis, the founder of Takis Shelter Non-Profit Organization, found a stray dog on the streets, he noticed that the animal was walking in an odd, funny way.

Takis took the dog with him to the shelter for further medical care. However, when the dog, later named Hugo, laid down on his very own kennel, he could not stand anymore.

Hugo suddenly became paralyzed, and the doctors who examined him did not know why. Heartbroken with what happened to the dog that Takis just took in, he decided to stay with the dog all day and night.

The resident shelter nurse cat who loved giving emotional support to newcomers even stayed with Hugo and Takis. Together with the adorable feline, Takis, the shelter volunteers, and doctors, they worked hard to coach the dog how to walk again.

The volunteers had a challenging time teaching the dog how to use his legs again. They stayed by Hugo’s side all the time so that they could catch the dog every time he falls.

The workers dedicated their time to helping the sick dog by giving him scheduled physical therapies. The dog needed many hours of exercise per day for several months to help his muscles get accustomed to walking and standing up.

Fortunately, Takis and the volunteers’ efforts paid off when Hugo began standing up on his own. The shelter nurse cat who always stayed by Hugo’s side was so happy that he could not stop snuggling the dog.

Slowly, Hugo was able to exercise with a harness on his body. After a few months of more hard work, Hugo showed significant improvement, and can now walk on his own, thanks to those who supported him all the way.

Source: Takis Shelter Non Profit Organization via Facebook


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