Dogs are blessed with the gift of helping us carry our emotional burdens, no matter how heavy they are. This is something that Carlo, a young boy diagnosed with CHARGE syndrome, knows all too well.

Life has not been easy for Carlo. He was born deaf, making it challenging for him to communicate with people. As years passed, he also started to lose his vision.

Caring for Carlo

Life can be frustrating when you can’t hear nor see. His family decided to ease his burdens by adopting Lulu the Labrador. They got her as a puppy, but they had her undergo training to become a guard dog. She passed her training with flying colors, but she goes above and beyond when it comes to caring for Carlo.

Whatever the illness took away from Carlo, Lulu returns with love and enthusiasm.  Carlo gets the strength to interact with his surroundings from her. He also uses Lulu to communicate with the people around him. The Labrador continually adapts to the changes in her human’s behavior, so she can meet his needs as his illness progresses.

Carlo uses sign language to communicate with people, and Lulu learned how to do it so they can “talk.” Sonia, Carlo’s mother, is at peace knowing that Lulu is with Carlo at all times. Suffice to say; the loyal and loving Labrador changed her son’s life.

In perfect harmony

Lulu’s efforts are exchanged by Carlo’s ability to adjust and interact with the world. He waits for Lulu to wake him up in the morning. Come breakfast time; he prepares her meal before his own.

The Labrador helped Carlo regain his independence. There are a lot of things that he can do now because of her. Lulu’s presence in Carlo’s life is proof that love, like medicine, can heal people.

Credits to Ospedale Pediatrico Bambino Gesù


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