We always see dogs perform cool tricks on stage, on the streets, or on the internet. That’s why it’s not surprising to hear a cool story about a dog showing amazing skills. This story, however, is not your usual dose of simple dog tricks or skills.

dog, yellow lab, golden retriever

Bella, a Golden Lab lives with her owner, Brad Lee in Muncie, Indiana. It seems to be a normal day with both of them at home but something unexpected happened late night last Monday.

Brad Lee was sound asleep that night but his dog, Bella tried to wake him up. She barked frantically at Lee. At first, Lee didn’t know what Bella wanted to tell him. He even told the dog, “Bella, it’s not time to play.”

Bella continued to bark louder at Lee and when he suddenly opened his eyes, he saw the fire on the ceiling.

Lee’s first instinct

The first thing that Lee wanted to do is to get out of the house to save his dog. He tied her to a pole outside the house, and he ran back to the house with a water hose. He wanted to put out the fire but when he got back, the fire was already too huge for him to handle alone.

Calling for help

Lee’s neighbors called 911 to ask for help. Firefighter arrived on the scene but the fire already destroyed the house. The bedroom where he was asleep before Bella woke him up became nothing but charred remains.

“I would’ve been dead if it weren’t for Bella”, Lee told the local media. If it wasn’t for Bella’s insistence, Lee would have been engulfed with fire. Bella definitely saved her owner’s life.

Bella was a rescue dog. Lee and his fiancee took her in about a year ago. At first, they were hesitant to adopt Bella. They had an 11-year-old dog named Daisy who was diagnosed with cancer.

With a heavy heart, they wanted to make sure that they focus on Daisy. They wanted to spend Daisy’s last months with wonderful memories. When they met Bella, however, they instantly fell in love with her, and they decided to adopt her too.

Who would’ve thought that Bella will repay their kindness and good heart by saving Lee from the fire?

Special thanks to WTHR for sharing this heartwarming story.


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