Peggy Allen, also known as Grammy, is a petite 80-year-old grandma who prefers lapdogs. Huge dogs could easily knock her down. Because of that, her son-in-law, Mike Flanagan, knew that bringing home a Rottweiler puppy would not be warmly welcomed. Nevertheless, Flanagan was hopeful that Grammy and their new dog, Gus, would still get along.

Flanagan said that Grammy enjoys her space and quiet times. This makes it seem that the two would not be a good fit. However, to their surprise, the two got along well pretty quickly. During Grammy’s first visit, Gus immediately learned that he was only allowed up when Grammy invites him.

A few months later, Grammy lost her husband. Gus, on the other hand, has become a full-grown 100-pound, 9-month-old dog. Grammy visited the Flanagans for the memorial service. While this was something that Gus may not have understood, the sweet dog instinctively knew that he needed to do something for Grammy.

Flanagan said that Gus never left Grammy’s side. He was there, sleeping on her bedside. He waited for her outside of their bathroom door. He even greeted her with an “arooooo” when Grammy came back. Gus might be a little too clingy, but this extra attention did not seem to bother Grammy. She even jokingly said that the two of them have a thing.

Gus is a sweet and smart dog. He knows and does exactly what everyone in the family needs. Gus is a playmate to Flanagan’s son, cuddle-buddy to his daughter, and anxiety reliever to his wife. While he enjoys cuddling, he also loves hiking and staying outdoors for their family’s picnics.

It’s amazing how this dog could tune into what each one in the family needs. He’s always ready to show his love. Because of that, he’s earned everyone’s, especially Grammy’s, approval and love.

Credit: gus_the_rottie



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