Food is one of the things in life that provides happiness to a person’s daily life. It doesn’t matter what meal or snack one prefers, as long as it makes the person smile.

However, what would you do if there’s another person that also loves the same food you love? Others probably wouldn’t mind it, but for a little girl and her pet dog, they need to settle the score between them to determine the true owner of that delicious snack.

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Give me some, please.

In this video, a little girl named Sierra stares at their beloved Newfoundland named Samson. By the looks of it, Sierra and Samson’s having a conversation of some sort as they intensely stare at each other.

However, Mom’s friendly warning to Samson gives the viewers an inkling of the real situation. It turns out, Sierra’s about to take her cheese and crackers snack when Samson saw it. And, it seems the pooch also wants a bite of the delectable meal as he traps Sierra off a corner.

For a few seconds, neither Sierra nor Samson moved. It seems the girl and the dog try to eye each other’s movement, not letting one of them escape from their sight.

Come and get me!

Before Samson could make a move against Sierra, the little girl starts sneaking towards another corner of their living room. A few seconds later, Sierra runs around their living room to prevent Samson from getting her snack.

Samson then closely follows Sierra wherever she runs to, eager to nip a bite on the little girl’s delicious snack. Wherever Sierra dashes, Samson makes sure to run after her, in the hopes that Sierra would give in to his whims.

However, Sierra doesn’t have any plans to share her snack with Samson as she continues running away from the pooch. This hilarious tag session continued until Sierra found a way to ward off her overzealous pooch.

How do you think Sierra and Samson’s food tag ended? Did Sierra give in and gave Samson his rightful share? Check out what happened next in the following video below.

Video Credit: Rumble Viral via YouTube


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