Home is where dogs feel the most secure and comfortable. These furry, gentle beings are often showered with treats and toys. When it comes to the search for the most favorite family member, they are almost unbeatable. They can behave in ways that they want to, and they are sure that their families love them unconditionally. Ideally, that is.

It is sad, but not all dogs are blessed with a loving and affectionate family. They often find themselves neglected, mistreated, and abandoned. A lot of dogs reside on the streets because of this. At the risk of getting hit by cars, they constantly search for food to survive.

Left with no reason

Cosmo’s story is just one out of many dogs who were abandoned by their owners. This Saint Bernard was brought to the Hearts United for Animals shelter in Nebraska. His former owner could not give the rescuers any reason for giving him up. All they knew was the owner did not have a hard time walking away from the 130-pound 3-year-old.

Welcomed with open hearts

The rescuers had both arms and hearts open for Cosmo. They took good care of him and gave him all the love he deserves. Despite this, however, they could not help but wonder if he can still find his forever home. His living situation is different from others because of his size.

It took some time for the rescuers to find a family for Cosmo. Fortunately, the Universe listened to the desires of Cosmo’s heart. Jayne and Geoff fell in love with Cosmo when they saw his picture online. Since they lived in New York, Jayne decided to drive all the way to Nebraska to pick up Cosmo. The Dodo captured Cosmo’s first meeting with Jayne. Watch the full video here:

Credits to The Dodo


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