It’s always fun to see videos of unlikely animal friendships. There’s something about a duck being chummy with a group of koi fish that proves heartwarming to us humans. Perhaps it’s our brain trying to convince ourselves that intimate connection is possible even between two extremely different creatures and that we too can be friends with our otherwise strange neighbors.

But, the truth of the matter is, these stories are not the rule. They are the exceptions to the rule. Most animals from different species will not get along.

To provide a pretty basic example, let’s look into the strained relationship between dogs and cats. These are two of the most popular domesticated animals. And sometimes, these two animals find themselves in close proximity with each other.

Yes, dogs and cats will more often hate each other upon encounter. This does not mean their encounter won’t be hilarious to us humans. Please watch this video.

One dog in the video sees a tiny kitten. The dog is a big dog. Still, it finds it appropriate to bully the kitten into submission by barking out repeatedly and loudly.

Another dog who’s just trying to get down a flight of stairs has to go through a no-contact scratching match with a feline trying block his way. We can assume that these two animals are part of the same household, and their no-contact scratching match is their very own version of friendly banter between humans.

Perhaps one of the funniest clips in the video is a cat scaring away a dachshund sixty percent larger. The dachshund has no idea it’s being stalked by a cat. Dog runs away after being jumped.

We already know that cats and dogs are often not the best of friends. But there are instances when they can be tolerant toward one another, too. Sometimes, that’s good enough.

Thanks to Funny Pets


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