Since New Year’s Eve of 2014, then-14-year-old Mary has been training her beloved Secret to do various tricks. And although teaching dogs tricks is quite tricky (Wink! Wink!), Mary patiently devotes her time to turning her best friend into the only friend she would ever need.

Mary uses positive reinforcement to train Secret with a clicker. As an advocate of both methods, Mary proves how effective they are through a social media account she maintains. Visiting the Instagram account with the handle my_aussie_gal can give one a glimpse of Mary and Secret’s everyday life together.

Music, arts, and movement

While most people have trouble learning how to play even just one instrument, Mary has trained Secret to play not one, not two, but three! That’s right! Secret can play the piano, drums, and guitar! But if you already think that’s amazing, well you are in for a surprise!

Secret has also been trained to paint, dance, and do yoga. Indeed, seeing this big ball of fur do the downward dog is a real treat! Adding to the list of things Secret can do is riding a skateboard, playing Ping-Pong, jumping rope with her human, and balancing on various things and her human.

An extra pair of paws

If you think everything mentioned above is not impressive enough, then maybe these will make an impact on you. Secret also gives Mary a helping paw whenever she does the laundry, clean the house, or even lounge on a chair for a movie.

And if Mary ever gets bored, she can always rely on Secret to play a game of Jengga with her. Oh yes! Secret plays Jengga, and this little furball can do so better than most humans can. But the most impressive of all the things Secret can do is save Mary’s life. Yes, Mary has trained Secret to perform CPR on her in case she ever stops breathing.

With Secret around, Mary will never ever feel alone. To see all the things Secret can do, follow my_aussie_gal on Instagram or watch the video below:

Credits to: Mary & Secret


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