Dogs like many things. They are not difficult to please like cats. They know how to appreciate and express their appreciation.

Dogs like to play. They like to cuddle with their humans. They like some treats, too.

But there’s one thing most dogs don’t like. That’s bathing. Yes, a majority of dogs do not get excited with the prospect of water contact, unless it’s for playtime.

Dogs do all sorts of things to avoid bathtime. Some antics are cute and funny. Others are downright frustrating for their humans.

Thankfully for us, these canine antics have been compiled in a YouTube video. This video shows the lengths a dog will go through to skip their scheduled bathing. It’s equally informative and hilarious, so please watch it.

One dog in the video looks like it’s trying to swim away from the bathtub. Another dog is literally pulled by its two front legs to the bathroom. It does not help that this particular dog looks heavy.

A brown chihuahua does not hide its anger over being bathed without its consent. While it’s towel-dried by its human, the dog does not stop making mad growling sounds like it’s ready to take a spiteful bite onto human flesh.

A black labrador hears the word bath and goes straight to its favorite hiding spot. The dog seems to know what the word means, and it won’t have any of it. It’s funny to watch, but surely it must be quite frustrating for the dog’s owner.

According to dog experts, there are ways to curb a dog’s negative response to bathing. For starters, dog owners must make sure that the experience is fun and not traumatic for the dogs. Giving a dog treats after bathing will also help condition its mind that water means delicious rewards.

Thanks to Crazy Animals


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