Do they give acting awards for dogs? Well, if they do, Lulu here would no doubt get one from either the Grammy’s or the Emmy’s for such an award-winning performance.

Lulu is a clever Shiba Inu, who decided to play dead one morning when she’s heard her fur momma mention the word vet. Apparently, like so many other dogs, Lulu, shares the same sentiment and is not quite a big fan. The word vet often has a stigma to it, not only for dogs but for cats as well. And so instinctively, upon hearing the word vet, this smart pup decides to lay still and play dead.

It’s a good thing her mom is quick to capture the said incident and share with us this pup’s hilarious antics. Despite pulling the sheets and trying to talk her out of bed, Lulu keeps up the act and works hard to stay motionless, with eyes shut. It is a prime example of just how a dog can be so bright and motivated in wanting to get away with a doctor’s appointment. After all, animals who get thrilled at the thought are a rare kind.

The funnier part of the video ensues much later on, as Lulu’s mom tries to come up with a trick of her own to battle it out with Lulu. While the word vet sent Lulu running for the bed and under the covers, her fur mom knew that there is another word out there that will undoubtedly get this wise pooch to get out of the bed. Watch the rest of the video to find out just what that word is and see how fast she transitioned from pretending to be in a dead state to absolutely excited and “I’m-going-to-follow-you-anywhere” state. We guarantee that you’ll laugh out loud once you see the entire video.

Video credit: Fun Kiwi Kids


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