In India, where Sarthak Gambhir lives, it’s typical to see cows walking around the neighborhood. Some of them even take naps by the side of the road. But this particular cow really captured Gambhir’s attention.

Shortly after he left his home, Gambhir happened to pass by the snack stall in their town. Right outside the store, he saw this cow, curled up, but wasn’t sleeping. Curious, he took a closer look, and that’s when he realized the cow was with an unusual friend.

Snuggled up on her back was a white dog, snoozing. The cow, even though she’s wide awake, chose to stay still so that she won’t disturb her sleeping friend.

It was Gambhir’s first time seeing such an odd couple, he said. He felt amazed. It was such a sweet moment that he had to come closer and snap a few photos of the duo.

Although hesitant at first, Gambhir knew he had to take some pictures so he could share them with the world. He went closer to the animals, but he made sure to approach them slowly to avoid spooking them away. To his surprise, the dog was sound asleep that he didn’t move an inch, and neither did the cow do.

Gambhir had no idea if the two have been friends for a long time or if it was the first time they met each other. But regardless, their sweetness left a smile on Gambhir’s face.

Gambhir managed to take a couple of photographs of the cow and the dog. He didn’t want to leave them, but he had errands to do, so he reluctantly left the lovely pair. But as he stepped away from them, in his mind, Gambhir hoped that the odd duo would keep seeing each other to take naps together. That way, he’d witness their cuteness and sweetness more often.

Credits to Sarthak Gambhir


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