Dogs never fail to inspire us. They always show us that their disability is not a reason for them to stop doing what they want. Noodle is just one of them.

Noodle was rescued when she was just a few months old. Her rescuers noticed that her back legs were not functioning. Later on, they found out that her hind legs are already paralyzed.

But Noodle’s disability didn’t stop her fur-parents to adopt her. They are physical therapists; that’s why they wanted to take the challenge of taking care of a differently abled dog. But as time went by, the couple realized that noodle was never a challenge at all.

They see her more like inspiration and not a challenge. She’s an adorable dog with a very outgoing personality. Who’s not going to love this dog?

Up until today, they still don’t have any idea why Noodle’s legs were paralyzed. But despite her condition, Noodle still manages to be happy. She looks like she doesn’t have a leg-problem at all.

Noodle’s disability will not stop her from being adventurous. She loves hiking more than anything else, mainly because she has her parents with her. She adores them.

Noodle’s parents are always supportive. They are always with her, being her helping hands in difficult times and trails. Hiking is their family’s hobby.

Noodle feels proud of herself whenever she achieved a climb. She so determined and focused. Because of Noodle’s countless times of hiking, she’s become a pro. She’s aware of her parameters, and she’s always careful when the trail gets steeper and narrower.

Aside from hiking, Noodle is also a fan of water. She likes dipping in the water and taking a relaxing swim. Her dad even said that once they get near the water, she will focus on it and ignore everything else. She’s one adventurous dog.

Credit: Noodle



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