Meet Chuckie, a chocolate labrador who was reported missing by his family five years ago!

When the Humane Society of the United States raided a property that was hoarding dogs and cats in Ohio, Chuckie was among the dogs that were rescued.

As it turns out, Chuckie went missing and was taken in by the hoarders. He was one out of the 166 dogs and cats in the property.

The rescuers then scanned the rescued animals for a microchip, and sure enough, Chuckie was among those who had one. The rescuers then located his owners and arranged to meet with them.

It has been five long years when the family lost Chuckie. While they did everything they can to try and find him, he was nowhere to be found. Losing Chuckie was hard, but there was nothing they can do about it but to move on.

The rescuers met the family in Indiana. When Chuckie saw them, it was like a magical moment. Despite being away for five years, Chuckie still remembered them and was so excited to see them again.

He rushed over to greet them, making the rescuer drop the leash as Chuckie dragged it through the ground as he ran towards his family.

His family was excited as well. They called on Chuckie and were very happy to see that the dog they lost five years ago is alive and well.

It was a reunion that was full of love and happiness.

Thanks to The Humane Society of the United States, other pets who have been separated from their owners will be reunited as well. While some are lucky to have microchips, others are not so lucky. But hey, rest assured that the organization will find a way for them to have their forever homes.

We are grateful to our friends at The Humane Society of the United States for sharing the video of the touching reunion.

Source The Humane Society of the United States via Youtube


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