A man and his dog were rescued from a tragedy in McKinney, Texas. Members of the McKinney Fire Department rushed to the scene after receiving a call from a man. He and his German Shepherd were swept under the bridge because of the rushing floodwaters.

The man woke up surrounded by water that rose during the wee hours of the morning. He put his German Shepherd over his shoulders while waiting for the rescue team to arrive. They climbed a tree to save themselves, but this also made it impossible for them to move to a safer location.

Safe and sound

It took some time before the McKinney Fire Department arrived at the scene. They had a hard time looking for the man’s exact location. Fortunately, they managed to access the GPS from his cellphone to track him and his dog down.

With the help of a ladder and a couple of ropes, the team managed to pull the man and his dog out of the water. It was a tough rescue, but the team was determined to save the duo’s lives. After a few hours, both the man and his dog were back on dry land.

The grateful pet

The dog wasted no time to express his gratitude. The moment his paws felt the dry land, he jumped towards the firefighter who saved his life. The firefighter was still trying to catch his breath when he saw the German Shepherd approaching. He was surprised at first, but he willingly accepted the hugs and kisses from him.

The tender moment between the two touched the hearts of the people around them. It was a well-deserved reward for risking their lives to make sure that the man and the dog are safe. Watch the adorable scene below:

Credits to First Response Photography



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