It was another day at work for most of the workers in an oil rig off the coast of Thailand. What made their day more surprising is one of the workers in the oil platform spotted something out in the sea.

At first, he couldn’t believe his eyes. When he took a second look, the rig worker named Vitisak Payalaw saw a dog paddling towards the oil platform. What amazed the crew of the oil platform more was that they were over a hundred and thirty-five miles out at sea and couldn’t figure out how the dog made it there.

The oil workers stopped work and focused on rescuing the brown canine paddling for his life in open waters. When the dog reached the oil platform, some of the workers held out a pole to assist the dog in climbing up. However, because of the strong currents and waves, the dog repeatedly slipped.

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The oil rig workers decided to throw a rope around the dog. Once the rope was secure, they pulled the dog up to the platform. Payalaw stated that the dog’s eyes were sorrowful and that it kept looking up the workers as if he wanted to say “help me.”

Once the dog was safely on the deck of the oil platform, they gave the dog fresh water. The workers decided to call the dog Boonrod, which means survivor in the local tongue.

Boonrod looked extremely tired and had no more energy left. The dog wand couldn’t even stand up after his ordeal.

Once Boonrod recovered, the oil rig workers bathed him and fed him. Boonrod eventually hitched a ride back to the mainland where a charity animal rescue will provide Boonrod with food and temporary shelter until someone adopts or claims him.

It’s suspected that Boonrod probably fell or jumped off a fishing boat in the area. Payalaw stated that if nobody comes to claim Boonrod, he will be happy to adopt him and give him a forever home.

Here’s a video of Boonrod’s rescue. Thanks to the heroic efforts of the oil rig workers, Boonrod’s life was saved.

Video Source Inside Edition via YouTube


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