It’s often great to hear good news about a wonderful advocacy, especially when it involves animal welfare. Today, we want to feature a campaign which was promoted by a dog agency. The agency’s team aimed to help find a home for shelter and rescue dogs. They also aimed to set a world record by having the most number of dog adoptions within a day.

Last week, Oscars Arc Woof Project announced their goal. They wanted to set a record-breaking number of dog adoptions within a day. They held the activity in Johannesburg last Saturday.

Joanne Lefson, a dog lover and animal rights activist, spearheaded the Woof Project. The Oscars Arc Charity initiated the project. They aim to keep inspiring people to save and adopt dogs.

The Woof Project started in 2017, and the agency has observed a significant improvement in the number of dog adoptions. They have seen a 40% increase in Western Cape since they started the agency.

The agency came up with a brilliant idea to attract more people. Instead of having the dogs remain at the shelter, they decided to choose a great location where they can temporarily place the pups. This way, people can personally interact with the dogs.

One time, they placed dogs at the V&A Waterfront. The number of adoptions increased because people got the chance to spend some time with the dogs.

Last Saturday, the “pop-up shelter” was placed at the Melrose Arch. Potential owners can adopt a pooch until 6 PM. According to Lefson, they conducted a pre-application process a week before the event. They made sure that they followed the right protocols regarding the dog adoption process.

The average adoption in shelters is one every weekend. The Woof Project wanted to raise this to a more significant number last Saturday. Fortunately, the team achieved their goal.

The Woof Project successfully got 56 adoptions during the event. The team wanted to thank all the families who made the record-breaking number possible. They also gave credit to everyone who helped, especially the Melrose Arch for hosting the wonderful initiative.

Thank you to Oscars Arc WOOF Project for sharing this incredible story. Hopefully, more and more dog lovers will get inspired to adopt more dogs with the help of the WOOF Project’s team initiative.


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