Dog shows are always fun to watch. These events come in all kinds. Some dog shows zero in on dog appearance, where you will see the most beautiful dogs on the face of the planet.

Other dog shows look for not just beauty, but skill and talent. That’s what the Masters Agility Championships is all about. This event tests the speed and flexibility of some of the most athletically gifted canines in the world.

It also does not hurt that the dogs that join these contests are cute as hell. On top of their athletic prowess, they are also very easy on the eyes. These dogs’ cuteness makes the show even more entertaining for dog lovers or even casual dog admirers.

To prove our point, here’s a video of the 2018 Masters Agility Championships. This video is a compilation of the best canine runners that joined the show. Yes, they are some of the most adorable dogs in the world.

The first runner in the video is a Border Collie called Pink. She has white, fluffy hair with streaks of black. She’s small but not to be underestimated.

Pink runs the agility track like the pro that she is. Her speed is impeccable. She also makes sharp turns accurately and jumps precisely.

Also included in the video is the dog Jefe. Jefe is a rescue dog. He was rescued from under a house by his owner/trainer.

Jefe is a brown, medium-sized dog. He’s four and way beyond his years in terms of agility and speed. The dog has got canine muscles.

Jefe had a flawless run in the show. Given his not quite happy origin story, it’s amazing to see how the dog thrives now.

Also in the video is Striper. Don’t be confused by the dog’s name, though. She does not take her mane off.

This video has all sorts of cute, athletic dogs. Please watch it.

Thanks to Fox Sports


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