Most dogs would agree about one thing. Bath time sucks. Yes, if they could verbalize how they feel about bathing, that’s what they would say, probably.

But bathtime-averse doggos should not be blamed for their problematic opinion about bathing. After all, this problematic opinion is undoubtedly the result of poor conditioning. If a dog is conditioned to appreciate bathtime from the get-go, chances are they will grow up not hating bathing at all.

That is why your puppy’s first bathtime is crucial. That experience will have a substantial effect on your pet, specifically in terms of how they will feel about water contact for the rest of their canine life. It must be done right.

Wondering how to bathe your puppy for the first time? Please watch this video.

Puppies should be bathed for the first time when they reached the age of eight to ten weeks. As for frequency, once a week is good enough, depending on how dirty your puppy gets on a weekly basis. Make sure to use canine shampoo if you don’t want to irritate your puppy’s skin and fur.

But enough about the hows and the whys of canine bathing. Let’s get on with the more important stuff. How does our featured puppy do in his first-ever bathtime?

Well, we must say our featured puppy did quite well. We could not tell that it’s this puppy’s first time to bathe. He seemed like a bathing pro.

The puppy did not react negatively to the water spray. He also took the whole shampooing sesh like a champ. We know this puppy has got a good future when it comes to bath time.

Also, we give kudos to the woman bathing the puppy. We can tell she knows what she’s doing. She’s probably the world’s most accomplished puppy bathing expert.

Thanks to Vet know-how


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