Every once in a while, wildfires break out which endanger the lives of anyone in its path. And, in a lot of cases, wildfires destroy properties. In Vacaville, California, which is northeast of San Francisco, a wildfire broke out and spreading rapidly. The officials in Vacaville ordered a last-minute evacuation to all its residents, which resulted in workers of an animal shelter unable to prepare the animals and evacuate them.

As the fire and smoke rapidly approached the animal rescue facility, staff and volunteers anxiously scrambled to find help and bring the dogs and other animals trapped inside the facility to safety. Two police officers working with the Vacaville Police Department captured the action on a body cam. It showed Officer Carly Stone’s first-person perspective on how she and her partner looped leashes around the dogs and brought them to safety.

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When the two police officers arrived in a nearby parking lot, the members of the community offered their help by donating food, crates, and even bedding. Some residents also offered their homes as temporary shelters for the animals that were rescued inside the facility.

After the fire was out, the landscape clearly showed how close the fire got within the animal rescue facility where the two police officers rescued the animals. Even if the fire didn’t end up engulfing the animal shelter, the smoke would surely make the animals sick and may cause them to suffocate and die.

Thanks to the bravery of the two officers who went beyond the call of duty, the dogs and animals being held in the animal rescue facility are now safe and ready to be given a second chance in life. In fact, some of the people who took part in the rescue fell in love with the animals that they decided to adopt some of the animals themselves. Even Officer Carly Stone grew attached to one of the rescue dogs. Here’s a short video showing how the fire came close to the facility and how the two brave police officers rescued the animals trapped in the facility.

Video Source The Dodo via YouTube


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