Everybody knows how important it is to live a healthy lifestyle. Adopting a healthy diet, coupled with adequate rest and regular exercise, keeps one in tip-top shape always.

As such, a particular French bulldog exercises along with her fur dad in an attempt to keep herself fit.

Come on, bud! Let’s do this!

In this adorable short video, one can see a fur parent named Enrico doing a set of push-ups on a carpeted floor. However, not too far away, Enrico’s cute French bulldog named Chloe attempts to do her version of push-ups as well.

As Enrico’s upper body rises and falls with every push-up he makes, Chloe hilariously tries to emulate fur dad. However, it seems Chloe’s having trouble perfecting the move as she can’t fully support her body in the same way as Enrico does.

This workout’s harder than it looks, Dad.

Despite the difficulty she’s facing, Chloe continues rapping up some push-ups. But, it’s clear to see that the pooch’s problem lies with her body mechanics.

Though Chloe’s front paws are in the right position, her hind legs aren’t. Instead of lifting her lower body, her back legs remained glued to the floor. As a result, Chloe looks like brushing the floor with her belly instead.

Just continue.

Even if Chloe’s not doing the correct stance, the pooch continues with her routine. In fact, at some point in her exercise, the pooch’s body almost kisses the floor and even tries shifting positions to keep up with the pace.

But, the relentless pooch refuses to buckle from the exhaustion she feels as she once again gathers her strength and lifts her body. Seeing the pooch’s determination made Enrico smile and laugh a bit.

As it’s not every day that you see a pooch doing some form of exercise, catch Chloe in her workout in the video below.

Video Credit: Rumble Viral via YouTube


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