Ask any beagle owner, and they will agree that this breed never runs out of energy. They’re up and at it the moment they wake up in the morning. This breed is so full of life that you have to allot one hour every morning and afternoon for play and exercise. If you don’t, then you can wish all the order and array in your house goodbye.

Look into my eyes

This is one thing that Andrei Clompos, an illustrator, learned the hard way. He was working on character sketches for his project when his dog, Juno, insisted that they play outside. Juno had just woken up then, and his batteries were full. Unfortunately, it was raining outside, and Clompos made him do some indoor activities with him.

If you are a beagle owner, you know what happened next. Juno didn’t let Clompos finish his character sketches because he wanted his human to play with him. To take his mind off work, Clompos decided to make the most out of their indoor bonding activity by playing with some sketches.

He drew eyes that had a variety of expressions and placed it on Juno. Each eye illustration painted a different expression on the beagle’s once stoic face. Clompos found it hilarious that he took photos. He shared these images with his friends and uploaded some of it online. It went viral!

Everyone wins

Other owners would have been pissed at what Juno did. Good thing Clompos decided to add a little bit of humor into the situation by drawing those expressive eyes. The beagle and his human came out as the winners that morning because they enjoyed their time together. Clompos also made sure to thank his furry friend by giving him cheese and some dog treats.

Credits to Andrei Clompos


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