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It is not only human beings who want to cross out things on their bucket list. Dogs, in their simple lives, also have their penchant for anything that catches their attention. While it is true that pooches cannot put clearly across their wishes, they do it by way of signals.

Most of our dogs’ wishes range from the simplest to the most bizarre of things. It could be as simple as swimming on the beach or having a new toy.

But even then, they find it hard to communicate these desires because of their inability to talk. At a local animal charity in Ohio, there lives a dog who, just like any of us, wants to achieve certain things in life. Yes, you read it right, this dog has her wishlist.

She, however, needed to fulfill this the soonest because she only had a few days left to live. As unfortunate as it may seem, Marnie, a rescued dog, is severely sick and according to several veterinarians who checked on her, the pooch would not last long. This left volunteers from the animal shelter died.

While the news saddened them, the volunteers decided to give a good memory to the dog before she finally breathes her last. Marnie has been battling with rare congestive heart failure.
She incurred this illness because of the negligence of her previous owner. The disease could have been cured had it been detected earlier on. Per the veterinarians who checked on her, Marnie’s only way to survive is via surgery.

But since the dog is already old, the volunteers decided to veer away from the option. The cost of the operation is likewise high.

One of the reasons why they chose to forego is that the likelihood of Marnie to survive the surgery is low. This gave them the idea that instead of spending money for the operation, why not use this to finance Marnie’s activities. One of the things they planned for is to celebrate the dog’s birthday grandly.

On April 14, the dog shelter held Marnie’s birthday bash. Some of the attendees include the dog’s closest friends in the sanctuary. It is evident in the dog’s eyes that she was so happy about the celebration.

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Posted by Animal Charity of Ohio on Friday, April 5, 2019

Credits to Animal Charity Ohio.


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