People who work at shelters witness all kinds of situations that are uncommon and usually sad, which end up with either a cat or dog getting surrendered. Staff at a Riverside, California shelter were bewildered when a person went in while carrying a cereal box.

A 9-week-old pup covered in fleas was surrendered to Riverside County Animal Services’ Jurupa Valley in a cereal box. The shelter staff named the pup “Razz Berry.”

The shelter posted that they had seen some ingenious pet carriers in their day. They also posted that the Cap’n Crunch cereal box had to be one of the weirdest ways that a pet was brought to them as an over-the-counter dropoff. Furthermore, they also posted that the fleas had already been taken care of and that they are hoping for a potential owner.

The post became viral with many offers to adopt the cute pup. The shelter hosted a lottery for everyone that showed up so that it would be for every single one.

Razz Berry, now treated for fleas, was ready for a forever family. More than 20 families came to the shelter to adopt Razz Berry. Every family chose a coin that had a number on it and the lucky family that had the amount that was closest to 100 will be the ones to adopt Razz Berry.

Teresa, James, and Hayden Sheets picked number 92 and were the family that brought home the adorable pup. That was an emotional moment for them since they just lost their Puggle named Granger. Granger died on the very same day that the family saw the post about Razz Berry.

Teresa said that she felt like it was too soon since they saw the post on the day they lost Granger. Razz Berry now shares the home with Pepper, the Sheets’ Maltese Yorkshire Terrier mix.

Source RivCoanimalPIO via Youtube


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