It’s amazing how dogs can become friends with almost anyone or anything. You’ve probably read a story or watched a video where dogs have had unusual friends. It could be a horse, a monkey, a fawn, a pig, and even their mortal enemy, the cat. Then there is this one interesting special relationship that was formed between a Eurasian owl and a wirehaired Pointer Griffon dog.

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Owls, as most people know, are flesh-eating predators. The Eurasian owl is perhaps one of the biggest and deadliest of them. A full-grown bird of this species is capable of killing and eating a full-grown deer. So how did it become friends with a laidback dog, which possibly can be its next meal?

Improbable friendship

Their story starts in a small farm by the foot of the Sierra mountains in Nevada. There a couple decided to get a young owl as an addition to their ever-growing collection of animals. The owl, named Louise, was adopted by Kathleen Tigan and her husband Jim when she was around five to six weeks old. As she was still considerably young, the couple set up a nesting area inside her home.

The next morning after the owl arrived the night before, Kathleen was in for a surprise. She saw her dog, Annabelle, lying on the living room floor, with Louise snuggling beside her. The two instantly connected and would be commonly together after that fateful morning. Kathleen was curious as to whether they can sustain their friendship as Louise grew bigger. Owls and predator birds tend to grow and mature fast.

Despite all the other animals living on their farm, Louise never really made friends with them. She chose to be with Annabelle all the time. If Louise sees Anabelle coming, she will hoot, a sound she makes for nobody else. The couple knows that this special bond is forever.

Source: Love Nature via Youtube


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